Denali Kid Care Insurance (DKC)

Dr. Jessica Woller provides orthodontic services for those patients with Denali Kid Care (DKC) insurance. This is the State of Alaska Medicaid program for children. The Medicaid Program has a process that DKC providers must adhere to.

First, the patient must be seen by a general dentist to determine if the patient is cavity free for a period of 6 months and is determined to be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. This includes whether the patient will keep their teeth, gums, and appliance clean and in good condition. The dentist will look at the patient’s current and past oral hygiene habits to see if they are a good candidate.

The general dentist will then complete an OHHA form (Oral Hygiene Health & Assessment). This form along with a referral and panorex x-ray are emailed to our office. Once received and reviewed, our Treatment Coordinator will call to schedule.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us today at (907) 452-2939.